how to meet with people who are too busy to meet you

It’s very difficult to get a meeting with someone very busy especially if they have a better position in the society as compared to you (If you are not of their class). And it is not a shocking thing to know that this is what has been disturbing most entrepreneurs. Many are the times when people get brushed off when requesting a meeting with colleagues or clients but this actually is never a problem if you apply the following tip;
1. Never give up.
Keep disturbing the people you want to have meeting with, with your meeting proposal as this will make them realise how much your meeting with them means to you. Do not look like you can do without that meeting, make sure you look desperate. Be persistent.
2. Be precise and accommodating
You should be very specific. Make sure you tell the person you wish to have meeting with exactly how much of their time you need. Allow them to lead you when and where you can meet them, you are not the one whose time or attention is needed, are you? This is not the good time for you to show your ego, be humble.
3. Be interesting and interested
Grab their attention as much as you can. Show them that you prepared your meeting with them adequately. Let them be interested in doing business with your or in meeting you just because of the way of approach. Make the invitation live
4. Be prepared and well in advance
Spare yourself sometime to learn more about the person you wish to meet before attempting to send them the meeting request. Find out about how they operate and some common interests as this will help you build interest and easily connect with them.
5. Be creative
What creativity are we talking about here?. It is the creation of your own opportunity. Find a way of meeting the person or people face-to-face. If it means following their movements, do it, learn where they will likely be found during their free time.
6. Don’t just ask but offer too
For how long are you going to keep asking? It’s high time you offered too. Present the opportunity of your meeting as beneficial to both of you; state some good reasons why you think the person should meet you.
7. Make your meeting as productive as possible.
Trust me there is no way somebody will agree to your proposal if their first meeting with you was a waste of time. Let your second proposal remind the person of the first proposal and convince them to cooperate with you. Let every meeting have a meaningful outcome. Busy people are very careful about how they spend their time; they always want to utilize their time effectively.
So you think your meeting with them is not going to be much beneficial to them, you better not invite them. Otherwise you really need to spice it up for them to agree to your proposal.


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