is first impression the last impression?

What is your opinion?
Do you think that the first impression is the last impression?
Personally I don’t think so, because for me to give an opinion about someone I need to know them in person first. There is no way you can know somebody is person by considering the first impression only. Well the accuracy of impression varies depending on the observer and the target. But even if you are correct about someone’s first impression when you meet them for the first time, how sure are you that that their conduct is genuine? One thing you must know is that people tend to prepare themselves very hard to make a good impression to the audience; nobody would like to be seen badly. They do everything possible to look good, so what do you have to say about that?
I may behave very good around you simply because I want you to be impressed with me and grant me some favour(if that’s my intension) and if I have some good but fake personality to blind, you will still count it as a part of me. An initial acquaintance is actually not enough to form an appropriate opinion about someone. People act differently depending on their mood, so chances are that you meet a person when he or she is in bad mood which may lead to their bad behaviour. Can you be sure that’s their personality? Like the saying goes never judge a book by its cover. This actually refers to human beings as well. The cover of a person is actually his first impression.
You will never know the clear content of a book by looking at the cover not until you read it. Take your time to learn more about someone in order for you to know who they really are genuinely.
Though the truth is that people always count or consider the first impression to be the actual personality of the person, it absolutely does not always show case their true personality and who they are.
Never-the-less, it is very important to portray a good picture in the first place especially if you are a business person. The kind of impression you give to your audience at the time you meet them for the first time really counts. If you want to go ahead in your corporate professional life, you will have to present yourself in a very representable manner which may work for your own good.
With this example I hope I will convince you that first impression is not always the truth about someone.
I met two kinds of people in my high school. The two were totally the opposite of who they really were. The first impression I took was that one of them who approached me for friendship was that she was very kind and well trained(well mannered). I am sure you can relate to the situation of being new to an environment and one person coming to make you feel at home. I was very delighted to have met that girl and just the first day at school she was already treating me god. Unfortunately for me the person who happened to be my bench mate seemed very unhappy and uncomfortable around me. She did not alter a word at me this made me wonder how I was going to cop up with her. As days went by I noticed this change of behaviour towards me, she started to see me as a friend and could on several occasions help me out with some work. Later, the first girl I met noticed that I was becoming friend with my bench mate, she decided to cut me off and it is during this period that I had to see and learn about her real colours. She was actually not a good person.
People take time to be comfortable with others in the first and second meetings, therefore we should never judge people before knowing them fully.
First impressions are very important though they are not everything as people are too complex to be learnt in one or two meetings with them.


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