Why finding the right investor is so important for start-ups

In a marketplace inundated with tech start-ups, the key to success doesn’t solely revolve around and about the innovative product being produced. Start-Ups need to be paired with the right futuristic and strategic investors who can share in their vision and , ultimately pool along the right capital to bring their idea into reality and into a commercial success.

In present times , Start-ups are identified to having taken a big turn in the way of conducting their sourcing of capital. More and more start-ups have realised that strategic capital is far more valuable than idle capital. They also acknowledge that getting access to the right capital is not easy and becoming far more willing to partner with the right advisory groups to identify their investors.This clearly shows the essence of find the right investor for a start-up.

To even throw more light on this , finding the right investor for start-up is relatively as important as finding one’s partner for life.The reason being that , with the wrong investor the start-up can be ruined and left in shambles and yet the right investor on the other hand can brighten up the future of the start-up upholding the vision and aspirations the entrepreneur holds dear for the well being of the start-up.

With the right and perfect investor , all the start-up’s capital needs are met which is the best thing that can ever happen to any start-up but on the contrary with an appropriate investor who doesn’t support the start-up’s vision or demands for immediate proceeds, the start-up is destined to remain very dormant with no progress and thus the start-up doesn’t attain it’s targeted success which is the last thing any entrepreneur would want to hear. This simply resounds and emphasises the need for selection of the right and supportive investor for any start-up.

The other reason why choosing the right investor for a start-up is very crucial is that, An investor is the back bone of the start-up thus for any reason, the back bone of any thing should not be one that is chosen at random because with out it it can paralyse the start-up but on the contrary with an appropriate one the start-up is assured of growth and gradual progress. Investors for many start-ups are involved in making decision for the start-ups that simply means a wrong choice for an investor implies bad decisions for the start-up and positively a right pick for an investor signifies the right decisions for the start-up.

An investor matched with the wrong start-up can also be very devastating because different investor have different goals and invest in different ventures thus, a start-up matched with an investor with alternate plans and visions is very damaging because the start-up will lack the full support of the investor . Therefore different start-ups need different investors for instance , an investor predominantly known for funding service based start-ups may not whole-heartedly fund a product based start-up due to his interests and previous history. This just implies that start-ups need to match with the right interested and consistent investor for them to be successful.

To be particular, an investor for a start-up mustn’t be one chosen with out a proper set of guidelines i.e the right investors are picked after a long process of searching and filtering based on the start-ups visions and values and this process is very fundamental because the result of it which is an investor, could either make or destroy the start-up. Insinuating that the right investor is matched with for the right start-up for a successful start-up.


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